Best Online Baccarat Sites

This classic card game is simple, but it is also full of suspense and intrigue! Today, you can play baccarat online on trusted websites with a reputation for excellence. Discover the best platforms for players in Canada below.

Fans of online baccarat should choose providers carefully. First, top Microgaming libraries are known for the highest quality of sound and graphics. They make your gaming realistic, recreating the irresistible feel of a land-based establishment. 

Secondly, their payment systems are flexible, efficient, and reliable. For someone playing online baccarat real money, the ease of withdrawals is crucial. Make sure you will be able to collect your winnings. 

All of our recommended websites are certified by eCogra. These are secure, fair, and responsive providers, and they keep personal data encrypted. Their support centers also work around the clock. Players can always reach out to the teams, and they can track transactions and gaming history. All terms of use are clarified on the sites. 

Finally, all three brands are included in the Casino Rewards network. In addition to their lavish signup offers, players take advantage of loyalty benefits. Real-money bets in baccarat unlock 6 VIP levels, each with bigger gifts, bonuses, and unique games!

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Casino Classic review

Since 2000, Casino Classic has achieved international recognition. It features 550+ hits from Microgaming, from table classics to the hottest slots. Take advantage of the bonus 40 CHANCES to become an instant millionaire— your chance to win millions in Mega Vault Millionaire. 

The bonus system is combined with loyalty benefits from Casino Rewards. As you place bets in baccarat, these points will lift you up the status system, unlocking lavish gifts and games. 

Casino Classic is a secure site with an RTP of 97%. Withdrawals are smooth, and support is always at your fingertips. This is a well-established platform where standards are always high.

How To Play Baccarat Step-by-Step

Each round has three possible outcomes. You may bet on a tie, the player’s hand, or the banker’s one. Importantly, the term ‘banker’ does not mean the house — it merely describes the second side in the game. Before the game begins, you have to make your bet. 

The player and the banker get 2 cards each. The first card pulled out of the shoe is placed face up in the player’s box, while the second one goes into the banker’s box, followed by another card for the player and another one for the banker. 

After the cards have been dealt (two for each side), the totals are announced. Importantly, if the total is 10 or higher, the value of the hand is the second digit only. If the total is 8 or 9, while the other hand is lower, this is a ‘natural win’. The game is finalized, and the bets are cashed out. 

If the game continues, the player is the first to draw a third card. The banker gets their card based on the rules, and the total is calculated. The hand closest to 9 wins. Learn about the scenarios for the third card below.

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Villento Casino Review

Get up to $1,000 in bonuses at Villento Casino, a treasure trove of Microgaming hits. The website will keep you inspired with regular promotions, gifts, and gigantic progressive jackpots. This member of Casino Rewards is turning 15 years old this year!

The library features baccarat and 550+ other games. Play different versions of table classics and explore a plethora of slots. The quality of graphics and sound is spectacular on any desktop and mobile device. Villento Casino uses strong encryption to protect your data and provides support 24/7. Deposits and withdrawals are prompt through its secure multifaceted system.

Baccarat Rules

All face cards and 10s are not worth anything. Other cards are added up based on face value (the ace is worth 1). For any sum over 10, the total is the second digit. For instance, if the player has a 7 and an 8, the hand is worth 5 points.

An 8 or 9 constitutes a natural win. If neither of the hands wins immediately, third cards are drawn. This is based on a set of clear rules. There is no need for you to memorize them. 

If the initial total is 6 or 7 the player stands. The extra card is drawn for a sum between 0 and 5. The banker is the second to draw a third card. Whether or not this happens depends on the player’s third card. 

The Banker draws if their first two cards give 0-2 in total and unless the Player has a natural win. If the Banker has 3, they draw if the Player has 0-7 or 9. The other scenarios are:

  • 4 for the Banker and 2-7 for the Player;
  • 5 for the Banker and 4-7 for the Player;
  • 6  for the Banker and 6 – 7 for the Player.

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Luxury Casino Review

This casino provides up to $1,000 in signup bonuses! A brand established in 2011, it impresses with elegant design, rich collection (550+ games!), smooth payments, and efficient support. Here, baccarat is accompanied by other table classics and myriad slots for every taste!

In addition to five match-bonuses, you get loyalty points from Casino Rewards. Players’ enthusiasm is stoked with regular gifts, bonuses and VIP games. The casino is certified by eCogra and boasts a high RTP.  The payment system is flexible, and withdrawals are prompt. Using the welcome offer, you can win millions in Mega Moolah for free! 

What Are the Best Online Baccarat Strategies?

As you can see, this is not a game of skill — baccarat is all about guessing the outcome. The key is to place the right bet before the cards are dealt. There are three possibilities: a banker’s hand, a player’s hand, or a tie. Here is how the payouts compare:

  • Winning banker’s hand: 1:1 (minus the commission)
  • Winning player’s hand: 1:1
  • Tie: 8:1

One of the most popular systems is the Martingale System, which dates back to the 18th century. The premise is that one of the hands will always win at some point. The key is to double down on the next bet on the same hand if your last one failed. If you lose again, rinse and repeat until you win. 

For example, suppose you wagered $10 and lost. The next step is to wager $20 on the same hand. If you lose, raise the amount to $40. When you finally win, collect the winnings and roll the bet back to its original size ($10). This system allows you to always win the biggest bet in the cycle. In our example, the third round returns $80 (including the wager), while the two preceding bets total $30.